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by Peterson/Wallace. Halloween block prints & other fine Halloween art!Witches,Black Cats,Devils,Owls,Frogs, and more!
TORRANCE, California



This website is the work of  artists  Vicki Peterson and Kris Wallace that love the magic of Halloween.

Vicki Peterson
is a true self-taught/folk art artist from Southern California who has her own signiture style of artwork.  Her block prints of Halloween remind us of a world long ago. Colorful paintings, such as "Pumpkin Man", reveal the brilliance of her palette and the limitless imagination of her artistry.All of her block prints are individually hand printed and signed. No two are alike. For more work by Vicki Peterson: go to vickipeterson.net

Kris Wallace's stylized figurative and landscape paintings carry over to his love of Halloween. Growing up in the 60's, Kris was influenced by the great artwork of movie posters as well as the art of Andy Worhol, Pablo Picasso and Norman Rockwell and vintage Halloween images. For more art by Kris: go to kriswallace.com


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